Here are some COH higher degree by research students that have graduated over the years. We love to see the variety of thesis topics that are explored!

PhotoNameCOH Supervisor(s)Thesis Topic
Yu TakizawaMadhumita RamakrishnaA/Prof Sisira EdirippuligeCreating digital interventions for addressing classroom behavioural concerns as a part of teacher training programmes
Yu TakizawaYu TakizawaA/Prof Sisira EdirippuligeAddressing children’s mental health issues in Japanese schools: Is online teacher training for neuroscience-informed mental health intervention effective?
Keshia De Guzman

Dr Centaine Snoswell, Prof Anthony Smith

Evaluation of the economic factors and clinician drivers impacting telehealth uptake and sustainability in Australian general practice settings
Georgina HobsonAssociate Professor Liam Caffery, Dr Maike NeuhausDigital health to enhance access and delivery of quality care with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, including persons living with dementia
Xiaoyun ZhouA/Prof Sisira EdirippuligeThe feasibility, acceptability, and efficacy of an app-based self-help intervention for stress management among adolescents in school settings in China: a mixed-method study
Imon ChakrabortyA/Prof Sisira EdirippuligeHow health-tech startups are filling the gaps in healthcare service delivery in the developing world
Thara NairA/Prof Sisira EdirippuligeAn assessment of an adaptive, personalised, and co-designed educational digital health intervention: a novel approach to empowerment and support of women with gestational diabetes
Pablo NavarroA/Prof Sisira EdirippuligeExploring differences in help-seeking and engagement between adolescents and young adults who access text-based online counselling services
Centaine SnoswellA/Prof Liam CafferyEconomic evaluation and acceptability of teledermoscopy for skin cancer in Australia
Elizabeth CroweDr Helen Haydon, Prof Jeanine Young, Prof Anthony SmithUnderstanding the risk and protective factors for burnout and wellbeing of staff working in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit: PICU staff wellbeing
Anish MenonProf Len Gray, Dr Farhad FatehiRethinking the model of specialist outpatient diabetes care using eHealth
Lynnette LyzwinskiA/Prof Liam Caffery, A/Prof Sisira Edirippulige

Development of a mobile mindfulness-based text message intervention for weight loss and weight related behaviours in college students

Sumudu WickramasingheProf Anthony Smith, A/Prof Liam Caffery, Prof Natalie Bradford

An evaluation of a telehealth-based specialist consultation service for Indigenous people living with diabetes in Queensland

Sharifah Al DossaryDr Melinda Martin-Khan, Dr Nigel Armfield, Prof Anthony SmithThe development and evaluation of a needs-based planning framework for telemedicine services
Olivia TaylorProf Anthony Smith, Dr Nigel Armfield

Speech and language screening for children with medical complexity:
A comparison of telepractice and in-person methods

Teegan GreenProf Anthony SmithTrust Me, I’m a Doctor: Understanding Clinician’s Experiences of Service Separation and Trust Formation in Telehealth
Mandy CassimatisProf Anthony SmithDevelopment and evaluation of OnTrack Diabetes: An online type 2 diabetes and dysphoria self-management intervention
Rohana MarasingheA/Prof Sisira Edirippulige, Prof Anthony SmithEvaluation of a brief inpatient and community intervention to address suicide risk in Sri Lanka using mobile phones
Karel HimawanA/Prof Sisira Edirippulige"They are surprised that I am still single": Why more Indonesians are not marrying and how they cope with the challenges of singleness
Siti Noorsuriani Ma'onA/Prof Sisira Edirippulige

Assessing the effectiveness of web technologies to promote healthy living in children: a randomized controlled trial

Niall HigginsA/Prof Sisira EdirippuligeEducational support for international medical graduate specialists in anaesthesia
Natalie BradfordProf Anthony Smith, Dr Jeanine Young, Dr Nigel ArmfieldImproving access to specialist paediatric services for children with palliative or complex care needs: the potential of telehealth in the home
Nigel ArmfieldProf Anthony SmithRemote assessment and management of the critically ill infant by telemedicine: A novel approach to supporting the care of a vulnerable patient group
Liam CafferyProf Anthony SmithEmail-based Telemedicine: Design and validation of a decision support model for service-delivery application
Anthony SmithProfessor Richard WoottonThe feasibility and cost-effectiveness of a novel telepaediatric service in Queensland