Telehealth is a rapidly growing sector. An increasing number of organisations and health service providers recognise the benefits of implementing telehealth to supplement their existing way of delivering health services. However, identifying where to start, how to lead the change, and effectively manage telehealth services can be a complex and overwhelming task. Let us help you with this!

The Centre for Online Health has more than 15 years’ experience establishing and delivering clinical telehealth services and frequently consults to federal and state governments, non-government organisations, non-profit organisations, and industry partners about telehealth.

Our team of experts offers telehealth consultancy services, which includes:

  • Raising awareness through talks and keynotes;
  • Education and training through interactive workshops and CPD-recognised professional development courses
  • Customised advice on all aspects of telehealth, including planning, implementation, and evaluation.

Telehealth talkLet our consultants assist you in raising awareness about technology in healthcare by providing an overview of what telehealth is and what it entails. We customise our talks to suit your requirements. Popular topics include:

  • Introduction to Telehealth
  • Telehealth implementation planning
  • Telehealth service evaluation
  • Telehealth opportunities and future directions

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Anthony presenting at a workshopFor those ready to take action, we offer in-depth, interactive workshops and professional development opportunities to equip your staff with knowledge and tools to create meaningful and sustainable change around telehealth. Our professional development courses are CPD recognised. Workshops typically run over 2-3 full days, but we are happy to tailor the format to suit your requirements.

Popular workshops include:

  • Introduction to telehealth
  • Telehealth implementation planning
  • Telehealth service evaluation
  • Telehealth skills training for clinicians
  • Telehealth coordinator training

For more information, or to arrange a workshop, contact us.

Testimonials from workshop participants

A thought provoking presentation with useful practical tips. I am looking forward to implementing telehealth in our workplace in the future.
-Kathryn Frame (Senior Occupational Therapist, St. Vincent's Private Hospital, Toowoomba)
Telehealth Training Workshop – November 2018

I think this introduction gave a clear framework on key areas to consider for a telehealth consult and serves as a good guidance and primer of a 1-on-1 telehealth.
-Myrtha Mahesh (Principal Speech Therapist, National University Hospital, Singapore)
SFT Telehealth Basics Workshop – October 2018

Comprehensive workshop. Provided diversity of information on practical use of telehealth.
-Madapathage Senanayake
Introduction to Telehealth Workshop – May 2018

I found it very helpful both in relation to technology and technique.
-Bruce Anderson
Online VC Training – April 2018

Consultancy servicesWe understand that every service is different and faces unique challenges. Our team of consultants covers a broad range of expertise, including, but not limited to:

  • Telehealth planning and evaluation
  • Development of telehealth governance frameworks
  • Evidence summaries (literature and scoping reviews)
  • Development of new models of care
  • Technical training, advice, and room configuration/audits
  • How to work with Indigenous communities to set up telehealth services
  • Economic modelling and evaluation (incl. market scans for technology solutions)
  • Post-implementation and post-incident reviews
  • Literature reviews for policy development

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