COH Awards

Centre for Online Health Awards


Engagement Australia 2021 Excellence Award:

2021 UQ Excellence Award:

2021 Faculty of Medicine Excellence Awards:

2021 CHSR Directors Awards:

  • Reconciliation Award:

    • The University of Queensland Centre for Online Health - for almost two decades of research, partnering with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

  • Staff well-being Award:

    • Ms Georgina Chelberg - for starting up the run club team; inspiring true athletes who endure the Princess Alexandra Hospital to St Lucia run circuit every Thursday afternoon (Monica Taylor as chief backup and most consistent runner).

  • ECR of the year Award:

    • Dr Centaine Snoswell - for her exceptional achievements in research, teaching, service and student supervision.

  • Best first author paper published in 2020 Award:

2020 Faculty of Medicine Excellence Award:

  • Service excellence award - commendation:

    • The University of Queensland Centre for Online Health

2020 CHSR Staff Award:

  • Outstanding Early-Career Researcher:

    • Dr Emma Thomas

2020 Metro South Health COVID-19 Staff Recognition Award:

  • Excellence in Overall Performance:

    • Metro South Telehealth

2019 Excellence Award:

  • UQ Partners in Research Excellence Award - Commendation:

    • Anthony Smith, Dr Liam Caffery, Dr Helen Haydon, Dr Danette Langbecker Ms Monica Taylor, Ms Georgina Hobson, Ms Lisa Garner, Mr Adam Mothershaw, Dr Centaine Snoswell, Cherbourg Health Service, Cunnamulla Aboriginal Corporation for Health, & Charleville and Western Areas Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Health Ltd.

2019 Inaugural CHSR Awards:

  • Director’s Award for Contribution to CHSR:

    • Dr Centaine Snoswell

  • Outstanding Professional Staff Member Award:

    • Ms Monica Taylor

2019 Metro South Health Board Chair Award:

  • Innovation Through Digital Technology:

    • Karen Lucas & Metro South Health Telehealth Team

2019: Global Peer Review Award:

  • Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare – 2nd:

    • Professor Anthony Smith

2018 Innovators of the Year Award:

  • Winner - PAH Telehealth Team:

    • Metro South Health Telehealth Team & The University of Queensland Centre for Online Health


Award Nominations

2023 UQ Research Partnerships & Translation Awards

  • UQ Partners in Translational Research Excellence:

    • Palliative Care ECHO


ATOM 2019 Awards:


    • The University of Queensland Centre for Online Health

Faculty of Medicine Excellence Award (Nominations) 2019:

  • Leader of the Future Award (academic):

    • Dr Centaine Snoswell

  • Leader of the future award (Professional) nomination:

    • Ms Monica Taylor

  • Leader of the year award (Academic) nomination:

    • Professor Anthony Smith


Publication Awards

SFT-22 Best Paper Awards:

  • Guzman K, Snoswell C, Smith A, Caffery L. Costs to the Medicare Benefits Schedule for general practitioner consultations: A time-series analysis
  • Taylor M, Thomas E, Vitangcol K, Marx W, Campbell K, Caffery L, Haydon H, Smith A, Kelly J. Digital health experiences reported in chronic disease management: An umbrella review of qualitative studies
  • Cook R, Thomas E, Ward E, Haydon H, Ross J, Webb C, Harris M, Hartley C, Vivanti A, Carswell P, Burns C, Caffery L. Digital divide or digital exclusion: Do allied health practitioner assumptions’ drive telehealth use?

SFT-21 Best Paper Awards:

  • Caffery L, Snoswell C, Page M, Scuffham P, & Smith A. Quantifying the societal benefits from telehealth.

SFT-21 Best Poster Awards:

  • Snoswell C, Smith A, Page M, & Caffery L.  What do patients value in an outpatient video consultation? A discrete choice experiment determining preferences and willingness-to-pay.

  • Thomas E, Ward E, Cook R, Ross J, Hartley C, Webb C, Harris M, & Caffery L. High versus low adoption and sustained use of telehealth among hospital based allied health services: A multi-method study.

SFT-19 Best Paper Awards:

  • Snoswell C, Caffery L , & Taylor M. Does telehealth reduce costs to the health system?

  • Banbury A, Parkinson L, Gordon S, & Wood D. Implementing a peer support program by group videoconferencing for isolated dementia carers.

SFT-16 Best Paper Awards:

  • Taylor M, Caffery L, Smith A, & Lucas K. Substitution rates of video consultations for traditional consultations at a tertiary public hospital.

  • Deacon A & Edirippulige S. Design of an RCT to compare the effectiveness of smartphone and paper-based delivery of a mixed methods intervention for adoescents with type 1 diabetes.

  • Snoswell C, Whitty J, & Gordon L. Teledermoscopy for skin cancer in Australia: is it cost-effective?

Global Telehealth 2014 Best Paper Awards:

  • Caffery L & Smith A. Investigating the quality of video consultations performed using fourth generation (4G) mobile telecommunications.

SFT-13 Best Paper Awards:

  • Smith A. Changes in paediatric hospital ENT service utilisation following the implementation of a mobile Indigenous health screening service.

  • Martin-Khan M. A break-even analysis of delivering a memory clinic by videoconferencing.

Global Telehealth 2012 Best paper – JOURNAL OF TELEMEDICINE AND TELECARE:

  • Armfield N, Donovan T, Bensink M, & Smith A. The costs and potential savings of telemedicine for acute care neonatal consultation.

  • Bradford N, Young J, Armfield N, Bensink M, Pedersen L, Herbert A, & Smith A. Pilot study of the effectiveness of home teleconsultations in paediatric palliative care.

Global Telehealth 2010 Best Paper:

  • Caffery L. A transmission security framework for email-based telemedicine.