Cherbourg partnership wins UQ Research and Innovation Award

6 October 2021



Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples should be aware that this article

contains the names and images of people who have passed away.



Congratulations to the research team from UQ Centre for Online Health, who were successful in winning the 2021 UQ Partnerships and Translation Award in the category of Indigenous Research and Innovation Partnerships.

This award recognizes outstanding Indigenous-led research and innovation partnerships that have had a positive impact on Indigenous peoples and their communities.  This mobile telehealth service has been embraced by the Cherbourg community and demonstrates a culturally appropriate model of care for other communities.

Featured above are Professor Anthony Smith, Mr Cecil Brown and Associate Professor Liam Caffery accepting the Indigenous Research and Innovation Partnerships award.

This wonderful award recognition is due to the Centre for Online Health 17 year-long ongoing partnership with Cherbourg Community Health and Darling Downs Health service, with a focus on providing better access to specialist health care to Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander communities.

The innovative telehealth-enabled mobile screening service in Cherbourg has helped with the early detection, diagnosis, and referral for treatment in over 4700 children who were at a high risk of ear disease.  Information such as digital video-otoscopic images of the ears, and hearing test results are collected by the health worker and shared with the local health service when required.  This service is led by local senior health worker (Cecil Brown), who visited schools in the region and collected clinical assessments. 

The work done in close collaboration with the Cherbourg Community Health Service is an excellent example of how UQ researchers can form and maintain long-term partnerships with communities to explore innovative ways of improving health services for people living in community. 

UQ Centre for Online Health Award Recipients:

  • Professor Anthony Smith
  • Associate Professor Liam Caffery
  • Mr Adam Mothershaw
  • Ms Lisa Garner
  • Dr Chris Perry
  • Ms Monica Taylor
  • Dr Nigel Armfield


Cherbourg Community Health and Darling Downs Health Services Award Recipients:

  • Mr Cecil Brown
  • Ms Tarita Fisher
  • Ms Christine Stewart
  • Dr Peter Gillies


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