BA (Hons) Applied psycholgy and MA Psychology


Madhumita Ramakrishna is a final year doctoral student at the University of Queensland - IIT Delhi Academy of Research (UQIDAR). Her research area focuses on creating interventions for teachers that would help them resolve classroom behavioural concerns in senior secondary students (grades 9-12). This intervention would be developed based on extensive research spanning over two years by subject experts at both IIT Delhi and the University of Queensland. The intervention hopes to assist teachers in managing difficult situations in the classroom and improve relationships between teachers, students, and parents. Madhumita’s research aims to reduce psychological and logistical barriers for teachers seeking help and increase their self-efficacy and independence within the classroom. Improving the mental health of students and teachers remains the end goal.  She was recently awarded the SPARK grant ( 1000 $ ) by the International Association of Cross Cultural Psychology ( IACCP) 

Madhumita’s background has been in academics for seven years before her PhD. She finished her post-graduation in Psychology from the University of Delhi in 2011. She taught at prominent schools in Delhi before teaching undergraduate students at the University of Delhi.