Jane Clemensen is an Honorary Professor at The University of Queensland’s Centre for Health Services Research and Centre for Online Health. Jane is also a Professor at H.C. Andersen Children Hospital, Odense University Hospital (OUH), University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and Centre for Innovative Medical Technology, OUH/SDU. She is the manager of Centre for Compassion in Healthcare, SDU and an Ambassador of Compassion from Stanford University.

Jane has a long lasting collaboration with Professor Anthony Smith and the COH research group (since 2004). Jane’s research projects all have a starting point in the clinical practice, and involvement of all stakeholders including patients and relatives. They all revolve around the research methodology Participatory Design (PD). Projects that use PD start by identifying and analyzing the clinical problem or challenge and from that develop an intervention, a solution, a new way of organizing often supported by a tailored technology. PD is a well-known design, especially within computer science, and has proven to be an appropriate research design within health research. Jane applied this design for the first time in a health science context in 2003 in her own PhD project and she is a pioneer both in the field of Health Technology and Participatory Design in Health Sciences. Since, she has supervised numerous projects – all with the outcome of a changed clinical practice by creating new ways of organizing healthcare services, changes of mindsets and patients pathways. Jane’s has been key person in creating Centre for Compassion in Healthcare, which she is the head of. She is a well know speaker at national and international conferences.