PhD, Bachelor of Social Work


Liz’s PhD is focused on exploring the risk and protective factors contributing to paediatric intensive care staff burnout and forming recommendations to reduce burnout and promote wellbeing.  Liz has a strong interest in understanding what creates vulnerability and resilience for health care professionals. 

Research Reports

  • Crowe E. (2010) “Change, Loss and Grief” for Australian secondary school students.  ‘MindMatters’ programme. Federal Government
  • Crowe, E (2009) “Allied Health Workforce Issues Paper and Recommendations for Paediatric Oncology and Haematology”, QCCC, Queensland Health

Professional Awards

  • November 2019 Invited Keynote Speaker to give the prestigious William J.Rashkind Memorial Lecture at the American Heart Association Conference in Philadelphia. First Australian to be awarded this honour. Title ‘Conflict in Teams: Is it a Hole in the Heart or at the Heart of Wellbeing?’
  • November 2019 Awarded the Abigail Faith Remis Visiting ‘Professorship’ 3 days at Boston Children’s Cardiology and Harvard Medical School as an invitation to educate and supervise leaders and cardiologists on staff wellbeing and engagement. Second Australian to be invited. One of the first non-medical award recipients.