DementiaECHO about to take off in Queensland

25 May 2021

In collaboration with the Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council (QAIHC) and Metro South Health, a dementia telementoring program (DementiaECHO) is being rolled out throughout Queensland. This program is modelled on the world renowned Project ECHO system, a global initiative that connects community healthcare providers with specialists. Project ECHO is committed to addressing the needs of underserved communities through the exchange of information. The DementiaECHO service, is being led by the Centre for Online Health, thanks to funding provided by the Australian Government. On a monthly basis, DementiaECHO sessions will be held by videoconference and made available to GP’s, nurses, health workers, allied health staff, admin staff and management. The sessions are purposely multi-disciplinary, so that we can develop the best possible services for people living in community, and also reduce the need for extensive travel to city centres. Presentations made during DementiaECHO will include short seminars on topics of interest, case discussions and general Q&A.   

The specialist team in Brisbane are just as excited to be involved in the DementiaECHO service, and expressed that “the sessions are likely to provide us with new learnings, as people share their ideas and experience in a very open and collaborative way”. 

Palm Island Community Company

The DementiaECHO team are currently engaging with QAIHC partner sites throughout Queensland, to explain how the service works and how people can get involved. UQ COH Director Professor Anthony Smith, COH Research Fellow Dr Helen Haydon, COH Project Manager Lisa Garner and QAIHC Project Officer Roderick Wright (see images) have recently had the pleasure of visiting and meeting with staff in centres within Gladstone, Rockhampton, Sarina, Mackay, Bowen, Mt Isa, Charleville and Cunnamulla. 

Nhulundu Health Service, Gladstone

Engagement with services throughout Queensland will continue as DementiaECHO is launched in June 2021. So far, the responses have been extremely positive, as everyone seems to share a genuine interest in supporting older people living with dementia. 

The DementiaECHO project is funded by the Australian Government, Department of Health: Indigenous Australians’ Health Programme Emerging Priorities Grant Scheme.

Further information about DementiaECHO can be found here: