COH PhD candidates are progressing through their milestones and making an impact

8 December 2023

Amandine Barnett successfully passed progress review 3 for her PhD program “Mobile and Electronic Health Services to Support Nutrition Care in Diet-related Chronic Conditions”. 

Amandine’s PhD is determining the feasibility, acceptability, and potential to scale-up patient-centred mHealth and eHealth services for the management of nutrition care for diet-related chronic conditions within hospital and outpatient settings.

You can read one of Amandine’s recently published papers here: Effectiveness of dietary interventions delivered by digital health to adults with chronic conditions: Systematic review and meta-analysis

Amandine has been working closely with clinicians at Metro-South and Metro North throughout her PhD and this has opened the door to many opportunities to translate effective mHealth models of nutrition care into practice. She is nearing the end of her PhD candidature now and is hard at work publishing her findings and preparing her thesis for submission.  

Amandine Barnett
Amandine Barnett


Victor Gallegos Rejas recently passed progress review 2 for his PhD program “Investigating the equity of access to telehealth and proposing strategies to reduce the digital divide”. 

Victor’s PhD is highlighting the nuanced nature of the digital divide, emphasising its impact on culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities within healthcare systems. 

His research aims to identify and address systemic inequities, proposing interventions to bridge the gap and enhance telehealth access for CALD communities, ultimately contributing to proactive efforts to reduce disparities in healthcare access. 

Victor is making excellent progress and will be soon commencing his third PhD study in collaboration with Metro-South HHS Interpreter Services and CALD populations. 

One of Victor’s recent papers has been made available by the journal as open access, you can read it here: A cross-sectional study exploring equity of access to telehealth in culturally and linguistically diverse communities in a major health service

Victor Gallegos Rejas
Victor Gallegos Rejas


Renee Cook completed her first Progress Review in September with high accolades from the review panel for her PhD “Enhancing the integration of telehealth within allied health outpatient services for Australian consumers”.

She is working with allied health departments across Metro South Health to support the integration of telehealth into services and ensuring telehealth is high-quality and consumer-centric. The overall aim of Renee’s research is to empower hybrid models of allied health outpatient care to best meet the needs of consumers.  

Her recent paper, Digital divide or digital exclusion? Do allied health professionals' assumptions drive use of telehealth? was accepted into the Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare with no reviewer comments! 

Renee Cook
Renee Cook