Taiwan partnership focusses on telehealth integration and workforce support

8 December 2023

The UQ-COH has broadened its international connections through a partnership with the Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare.  Professor Anthony Smith (COH Director) has been working with Shwu-feng Tsay (Phoenix) – the Director General, Department of Nursing and Healthcare, in Taipei. Dr Tsay and Prof Smith share a common interest in the promotion of telehealth within the health system and supporting the health workforce with the adoption of telehealth and virtual care.


Professor Smith has been engaging with the Taiwan Ministry of Health as an expert consultant on telehealth and virtual care for the last 18 months.  Professor Smith was a keynote speaker at the Asia Pacific Economic Commission (APEC) conference on Digital Healthcare Innovation, in Taipei during September 2022, and more recently, invited as a visiting consultant for the Ministry of Health (February 2023). Professor Smith participated in a full week intensive telehealth engagement program, which highlighted key groups and companies involved in the delivery of telehealth services in Taiwan.  

The aim of a longer-term partnership with the UQ-COH will allow for the sharing of telehealth expertise (advice, support, mentorship, evaluation) and access to a customised telehealth training course which will help build workforce capability and encourage the uptake of telehealth and virtual healthcare throughout the country.