Quick guides for healthcare professionals

Quick start to videoconferencing

Tips on optimising video and audio quality and how to set up your video conferencing space.

Communicating effectively online

Tips on how to make the video conference as close to an in-person encounter as possible.

Video conference software

Compares three cloud-based video conferencing platforms for telehealth.

Purchasing video conferencing devices

Tips on purchasing webcams, headsets and microphone/speakers (speakerphones) for telehealth.

Zoom security

Tips for Zoom users to safeguard the privacy and security of your video consultation. 

Security and functionality of common video platforms

Compares the security and functionality of different video conferencing platforms for telehealth.

Quick guides for consumers

What is telehealth and is it right for you?

Explains the basics of telehealth and describes how to find telehealth services.

Attending a video consultation

Explains how you should prepare so you can get the best out of your video consultation.

Recent publications related to telehealth and COVID-19

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