Focus group: mHealth mindfulness app for weight-management

2 Mar 2017

Hands holding mobile phonesMany new university students are at risk of rapid weight gain, an all-too-familiar phenomena commonly referred to as the “Freshman 15”.

The challenges and stresses of university life can negatively affect the health choices students make.

As part of a PhD project, we want to know the potential usefulness of a mindfulness-based app to assist students to manage stress and create healthy weight-related practices, such as mindful eating behaviours and exercising.

We are conducting a focus group discussion to get a better picture of students’ needs and preferences for the app.

Research has already shown mindfulness can help manage stress. Stress can trigger poor dietary choices which can lead to weight gain.

Research also shows that weight loss apps can help users change behaviours and manage their weight effectively.

If you are a university student and interested in participating in the focus group discussion, please contact Lynnette Lyzwinski