COH researchers and the Telehealth Consumer Reference Group come together for a "Meet and Greet" event

26 June 2024
Dr Soraia de Camargo Catapan giving a presentation during the Meet and Greet.

In May 2024 members of COH’s Telehealth Consumer Reference Group came together with COH researchers online and in-person at a meet & greet event. It was interesting to hear how past experiences shape personal interests in a variety of telehealth-related research areas!

As group members can be from any geographic location, it was great to finally connect with some members face-to-face, as well as with others online. During the event, COH researchers spoke a bit about their consumer-research focuses, and learned about member experiences and passions as consumers, and why they want to make a difference. One consumer group member, Julia Robertson, spoke about her journey as a consumer of healthcare, and how her story shaped her into the telehealth advocate she is today. A tour of the Princess Alexandra Hospital Telehealth Centre also followed the formalities and COH members put together a feast for lunch which was enjoyed by all.

We thank every member who made the effort to come along in-person and online. We were so appreciative of their time, sharing their lived experience and invaluable insights into consumer research. We look forward to future events!

For any community members interested in getting involved in the Telehealth Consumer Reference Group, you can learn more and complete our expression of interest form here or contact us on

TCRG members on a tour of the Princess Alexandra Hospital Telehealth Centre.