COH PhD student mixing science and comedy for the Brisbane Comedy Festival

12 June 2024
Dr Victor Gallegos Rejas performing on stage
COH PhD student Dr Victor Gallegos Rejas performing at the Brisbane Comedy Festival.
Photo credit: David Crisante, Future Science Talks

COH’s Dr Victor Gallegos Rejas was one of 15 scientists chosen to perform in a debut show at the Brisbane Comedy Festival as part of The Future Science Talks’ Science Comedy Program. This program allows researchers to use comedy to connect with audiences and provide insight into Australia’s latest scientific endeavours and discoveries. The performers trained ahead of time with comedians and fellow scientists, each preparing a 10-minute performance. Topics spanned from the deeply technical, such as DNA and quantum physics, to the everyday including sunscreen and fish and chips. Victor’s talk “Building trust in telehealth access in Australia” discussed his PhD work which is bridging the telehealth access gap for culturally and linguistically diverse Australians. He had spectators in stitches using memes, graphics, and playful observations of society and everyday life to communicate his topic and its importance.

The event took place at the Brisbane Powerhouse on Saturday 4th May and was well attended with hundreds of audience members, including support from other UQ staff, students, and COH team members as well as members of the general public. Congratulations, Victor!