The Centre for Health Services Research is conducting the research for the Telehealth stream as part of the NHMRC Partnership Centre for Health System Sustainability (PCHSS). The PCHSS is a national Australian research collaboration exploring mechanisms to improve the sustainability of the Australian healthcare system. In the Telehealth research stream three questions have been proposed, which will be answered over the five-year grant period.

Focus questions

  1. How can the use of telehealth improve access, reduce costs and improve outcomes, in particular, in regard to the use of online interactions using images, data, text and real-time voice to inform clinical decision-making and the management of chronic disease?
  2. What service models can best exploit the evolving, increasingly low-cost infrastructure?
  3. How can primary care be re-engineered to exploit the various forms of telehealth to improve accessibility, reduce cost and increase patient engagement and self-management?

Anticipated impact

Implications for the future configuration of primary care practice in Australia in a telehealth-enabled world. Potential to improve patient convenience, engagements, satisfaction and health status at a reduced cost to the health system.

Example outputs

For more information visit the Health System Sustainability website.

Project members

Associate Professor Liam Caffery

Principal Research Fellow
Centre for Health Services Research

Dr Centaine Snoswell

Research Fellow Health Economics
Centre for Health Services Research

Ms Monica Taylor

Senior Research Assistant
Centre for Health Services Research