Improving digital health literacy in chronic disease

July 2021December 2023
UQ Strategic Initiative

Poor digital health literacy in patients and clinicians is projected to be one of the biggest factors impending the delivery of effective and sustainable health care this decade. As Australia’s health care system continues to pursue innovation and adopt smarter healthcare, patients and clinicians are exposed to more virtual models of care than ever before. While this is touted as the only way to meet patient needs and maximise the efficiency of the clinical workforce employed by a strained healthcare system, the reality is that virtual models of care will be of little value if patients and clinicians lack the skills to effectively engage and deliver them.

This project aims to determine and improve the digital health literacy of patients and the health professional workforce working in chronic diseases in tertiary centres in Queensland. This will be the first evaluation of digital health literacy of the chronic condition demographic which can guide decision makers and program implementers moving forward. This will inform the development of evidence-based and end-user-centred training and education materials, which can be trailed in the health service to deliver effective, safe, and quality virtual care services.

Project members

Dr Jaimon Kelly

Senior Research Fellow
Centre for Health Services Research