Understanding the needs for digital health education for future Australian medical practitioners

January 2017December 2018

Digital health applications are becoming increasingly important within a rapidly changing healthcare environment. The use of digital health to manage and deliver care demands the health workforce to have appropriate knowledge, skills and competencies to practice in this ‘information rich’ environment. Australia’s National Digital Health Strategy has identified the need for systematic training and workforce development as an important priority in the process of transforming the health care system. In this study, we investigate the perceptions of decision-makers in a national survey of medical education providers - regarding the learning requirements and capacity to deliver digital health education and training to future practitioners.

Semi-structured interviews are being conducted with the Heads of Medical Schools and Program Directors of all Australian Medical Schools to understand their perceptions about digital health and current and future plans relating to education and training in digital health. 

The findings of this study will shed light on the needs for education and training in digital health, and help articulate what is needed to support the health workforce of the future. 

This project is supported by the Centre for Online Health.

Project members

Dr Sisira Edirippulige

Associate Professor
Centre for Health Services Research

Professor Anthony Smith

Centre for Health Services Research